Introducing the Øverassen TV 1000+ Snowblower

As part of YVR’s 2023 Winter Readiness Enhancements and Preparations, we made a significant investment in airfield snow and ice control measures, including the purchase of 19 pieces of snow clearing equipment.

Today, we are introducing the Øverassen TV 1000+ Snowblower. The work engine on this new snow blower is about double the horsepower of the snow blowers we used last year.

Here are some fun facts about our newest piece of airfield equipment:

  • It features the world’s first “flying cab” which allows the driver to choose whether they’d like to be in front of or behind the blower chute to ensure optimal view points.
  • The high-speed blower can reach up to speeds of 62 km/h
  • The TV 1000+ has two engines ensuring power for both propulsion capacity and snow removal and can remove up to 8,500 tons/h

Watch now to learn more about the Øverassen TV 1000+ and how it will help support our team this winter. 

YVR Winter Readiness: Snow Blower