Learn more about de-icing at YVR

Maintaining a safe and secure airport operation for travellers, employees and our community is the focus of everything we do. YVR made a significant investment in our airfield snow and ice control measures as well as developed new operational plans to help bolster our overall preparedness, improve procedures and increase available equipment to help manage severe weather events and irregular operations. Part of that includes more efficient de-icing processes and increased de-icing storage capacity.

De-icing operations in the winter are critical to ensuring the safety of our passengers and aircraft. At YVR, we have 29 de-icing trucks. Having a big fleet of de-icing trucks is important because aircraft cannot take off safely without first removing frost, ice or snow from its surface. Any build-up of icy elements can hinder a plane’s ability to fly smoothly and safely.

YVR hosts a Central De-icing Facility with aircraft bays for aircraft where the accumulation of frost, ice or snow is removed and possibly an anti-icing fluid is applied. It can take anywhere from 90 seconds to 15 minutes depending on the size of the plane, weather conditions and the temperature.

Underneath the de-icing pads is an isolated drainage system that captures any excess spillage or runoff that comes off the aircraft in a storage tank. Fluids are then transferred offsite for safe and sustainable treatment and disposal.

Watch the video to learn more about de-icing at YVR and why it’s important.