YVR's LASI Program: a permanent fixture helping ease traveller anxiety


We understand that travelling can be an overwhelming experience for some, which is why we're excited to announce that the Less Airport Stress Initiative (LASI) will continue as a permanent fixture here at Vancouver International Airport (YVR), helping ensure our committed to making your as seamless and enjoyable as possible.

LASI is an innovative program that introduces ambassador dogs from the St. John's Ambulance Therapy Dog Program into our terminals. These aren't just ordinary dogs, they're highly trained therapy dogs ready to provide emotional support and comfort to travellers experiencing anxiety associated with travel.

During the busy summer travel season, we welcomed back six therapy dogs to our terminals. These canine ambassadors worked their magic five days a week, interacting with travellers, soothing nerves, and spreading cheer. Over the summer, they collectively dedicated approximately 174 hours to supporting passengers. That's 174 hours of tail wags, friendly snuggles, and heartwarming moments, making your journey a pleasant experience.

The resounding success and heartwarming impact of the LASI program have led to its place as a permanent passenger amenity at YVR. We're also actively working on expanding the program to operate seven days a week.

Pet-Friendly Amenities: Simplifying Travel with Your Pets

In addition to the LASI program, the airport offers convenient pet relief areas both pre-security and post-security, eliminating the need for travelers to exit the terminal.




  • Chester Johnson Park entrance: An outdoor pet relief area can be found at the entrance to Chester Johnson Park outside International Arrivals.


  • South Terminal entrance: Another outdoor pet relief area is available across from the north entrance of our South Terminal.




  • A/B Pier: Located across from the play area, before Starbucks.


  • C Pier: Situated across from Gate C29, right of the washrooms in the alcove.


  • D Pier: Found across from Gate D72, near Gates 76 and 77, and between gates 58 and 62.


  • South Terminal: Conveniently located by Gate G1-2, adjacent to the vending machines in the corner.


Passengers requiring assistance in locating these areas can contact our Customer Information Line at 604-207-7077. Travellers planning to fly with pets are encouraged to contact their airlines directly for guidance on policies specific to each carrier.