YVR partners with Moment Energy to advance sustainable charging infrastructure

Fleet vehicles used airside at YVR will soon be charged using new sustainable charging infrastructure.  

YVR has partnered with Moment Energy, a clean-tech company based in Coquitlam, under British Columbia's Integrated Marketplace  to deliver a new Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) at the airport that repurposes retired electric vehicle (EV) batteries.  

This system offers two critical benefits. By repurposing retired EV batteries, the BESS gives new life to batteries that otherwise would have been waste. Additionally, the charging infrastructure marks a step toward modernizing the electrical grid—the BESS, with its capacity for fast and efficient energy storage, provides an off-grid charging solution for EVs at YVR.  

The BESS will first be deployed at YVR’s North Service Building and will be available for YVR fleet vehicles. As the charging infrastructure is rolled out, YVR and Moment Energy will assess the system and the potential for additional locations at the airport, including those available to the public.  

YVR is focused on removing carbon emissions from our operations and continues to advance innovative and clean tech initiatives through our Roadmap to Net Zero 2030. Our partnership with Moment Energy to bring this new energy source to YVR address two of our four pathways: greening our fleets and building energy conservation and electrification. 

We're thrilled to see practical solutions emerging from YVR's Integrated Marketplace, thanks to innovations from within B.C.’s tech sector. The flexible EV charging capacity from Moment Energy not only allows us to test different ways to charge our fleet, it also represents tangible progress toward our net-zero goals.

Tamara Vrooman, President & CEO, Vancouver International Airport

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