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YVR is Winter Ready: Safely and Reliably Connecting B.C. to the World

2023 has been a year of improving and enhancing the traveller experience at Vancouver International Airport. After challenges in the busiest week of holiday travel in December 2022, YVR has spent this year proactively turning lessons learned into actionable plans.  Over the past 11 months, collaborative work has been done in virtually every area of YVR’s operation, building on the insights gained through the comprehensive After Action Review done in January. 

The After-Action Review clearly lays out a roadmap to improve resiliency and better support passengers during major weather events. We listened carefully to what the public told us during the Review. While they recognize aviation is a complex ecosystem, the public asked YVR to take a bigger role to ensure they get the information and support they need in times of disruption. As a result, YVR has invested $40 million in over 130 initiatives across the airport.

Tamara Vrooman, Vancouver International Airport President & CEO

These improvements include the installation of real-time weather monitoring equipment, new gating and towing protocols to ensure arriving aircraft have access to gates within 30 minutes, adding more front-line staff to support passengers 24/7, investing in technology to assist airlines in getting inbound bags back to their passengers, use of digital sensors to enable more efficient passenger flow, and implementing new digital tools to help passengers save time throughout the travel process. In addition, YVR has taken a lead role in providing more reliable and consistent information to travellers.

This December, approximately 2 million passengers are expected to fly through YVR – approximately a quarter of a million more than in 2022. The airport predicts the busiest days of holiday travel will be December 20th, 21st and 22nd.  As with any busy time, YVR encourages travellers to plan ahead by checking their flight status online, pre-booking parking or transportation, and consider booking their security check-in time using YVR EXPRESS.  More information can be found at or on X: @YVRairport.


About YVR

Vancouver International Airport (YVR) is a diverse global hub that connects people, cargo, data, and ideas and serves as a platform for our community to come together and thrive. We are motivated by supporting regional economic development and making a positive difference in the lives of British Columbians. We do this with a focus on serving our passengers, partners, workers, and community through digital modernization, climate leadership, reconciliation, and financial sustainability.

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