YVR elevates accessibility online with EqualWeb: a new digital tool for enhancing access to information

YVR is on a continuous journey to enhance airport travel experiences, making them accessible and enjoyable for everyone, regardless of their abilities. 

In our commitment to accessibility, we are excited to launch the YVR.ca EqualWeb widget, a cutting-edge AI accessibility function that improves the way users interact with our website. 

Each day, YVR.ca serves as a comprehensive resource for its visitors, including passengers, partners, airport employees, and our community. 

Our website provides a wide range of essential travel information including real-time flight data, information on baggage services and lost and found, guidelines on security procedures and regulations, details on accessibility services and facilities for passengers with disabilities, and more. 

It is also home for news and information about new and exciting initiatives at the airport. 

EqualWeb empowers users by allowing them to customize their accessibility profile on our website, providing a personalized experience through navigation, colour, and content adjustments.

By simply toggling the new EqualWeb widget on screen, visitors to YVR.ca can navigate the website in a friendly and accessible manner, tailored to each specific need. The powerful Auto AI features embedded in the widget offer a rich and easy-to-use interface comprising a total of 32 functions.

YVR takes pride in our commitment to creating a more accessible airport environment, with the introduction of the EqualWeb widget and the continued implementation of our three-year Accessibility Plan. 

YVR will continue to connect people and communities and strive to provide a welcoming, inclusive, and accessible travel experience for people of all abilities. 

Learn more about YVR’s Accessibility Plan.