Hope Air's inaugural ‘Haul for Hope’ at YVR raises vital funds for Canadians needing to travel for medical care

Vancouver International Airport (YVR) and Hope Air are proud to announce a successful completion of the first ever Haul for Hope event at YVR. Haul for Hope is an exciting firetruck pull fundraising event organized by Hope Air, aiming to raise crucial funds for Canadians in need of medical care far from home.

Nine teams took part in pulling one of YVR's firetrucks, Red 9, weighing 27,000 kgs. Each team set out to fundraise a minimum of $3500 in support of Hope Air. The teams went head-to-head in a friendly competition to see who could pull the firetruck the fastest, with the fastest pull time earning the 2023 Haul for Hope championship.

We are delighted with the support we have received for our first ever firetruck pull fundraising event in Vancouver. Haul for Hope not only signifies physical strength but also our unwavering dedication to bridge the distance between home and hospital and bring healthcare within reach to all Canadians.

Mark Rubinstein, Chief Hope Officer at Hope Air

Hope Air is Canada’s only national charity providing support through flights, accommodations, meal vouchers and ground transportation to Canadians in financial need, who must travel to reach medical care far from home. All funds raised from this event will go towards Hope Air’s mission of ensuring no patient is left behind when accessing vital medical care.

Hope Air has alleviated a lot of challenges that come with planning a trip. It erases that extra step in figuring out how we are going to travel from Kelowna to Vancouver. Thanks to this, I can just focus on getting Atticus the treatment he needs.

Brittney, mother of Hope Air passenger, Atticus

The event, generously hosted by ongoing supporter YVR signified the hurdles that patients from remote communities in Canada face when accessing lifesaving medical care.

I’m delighted to extend our support to this vital initiative. The active participation of more than 40 YVR staff members in this fundraising effort reflects the teamwork and collaboration that our airport community is known for. Together with our partners, we are pulling the rope towards a goal of raising more than $30,000.

Tamara Vrooman, President & CEO, Vancouver Airport Authority
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YVR’s commitment to the longstanding partnership with Hope Air is strengthened by shared values of serving the community, especially during times of greatest need.

Our airport is proud to play a role in facilitating ongoing efforts to ensure that healthcare is accessible to all Canadians, regardless of their geographic location. YVR continues to be a gateway not only for business and leisure travel but also for travel coupled with compassion and support in times of need.

Tamara Vrooman, President & CEO, Vancouver Airport Authority

Currently, Hope Air has already facilitated over 15,000 travel arrangements, surpassing the annual record in the first two thirds of the year for children and families in need of medical care. The number of travel arrangements is expected to reach over 17,000 by the end of 2023.

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