YVR's Accessibility Survey: Shaping a More Inclusive Airport Experience

At YVR, our dedication to accessibility extends beyond compliance, it is about creating a truly welcoming and inclusive environment for all travellers.

As we strive to enhance our services and facilities, aligning with our 3-year Accessibility Plan, we're introducing our new online accessibility survey, designed to gather feedback from individuals with disabilities based on their experiences at YVR over the past three years.

The insights collected through this survey will play a crucial role in guiding us towards enhancing the airport experience for every passenger. By understanding the challenges and needs faced by our travellers, we can implement targeted improvements.

The survey is open to travellers of all abilities at YVR. Please take this opportunity to share the survey with your networks and community members below.

The survey is multiple-choice with one open-ended question and is estimated to take approximately 15-20 minutes to complete. All survey responses will be kept confidential. Additionally, participants will have the chance to enter a draw to win one of four virtual gift cards (e.g., Amazon, e-Visa) worth $250 each. The survey will close on March 8th.

Responses will contribute to the preparation of our year one progress report for our three-year Accessibility Plan. This report will showcase the tangible steps we've taken to improve accessibility at YVR and highlight our commitment to creating a more inclusive environment for all travellers.

We encourage members of our community to participate in the survey and share their experiences. Your feedback is invaluable to us and will shape the future of accessibility at YVR. Together, we can ensure that every passenger feels welcome and supported throughout their journey at our airport. Thank you for helping us create a more accessible and inclusive YVR.

Learn more about YVR’s Accessibility Plan.