YVR First Airport to Open Automated Passport Control to Canadians

Today, Vancouver Airport Authority announced that Automated Passport Control, the innovative technology solution developed by Vancouver Airport Authority in conjunction with U.S. Customs and Border Protection, is now available to Canadian passport holders travelling to the United States from Vancouver International Airport (YVR). Vancouver Airport Authority and U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) announced this first-of-its kind program at Vancouver International Airport (YVR) on May 7, 2013. The program was initially only open to U.S. passport holders but is now available to Canadian passport holders travelling to the U.S. for temporary business or pleasure.

“Vancouver Airport Authority is constantly looking for ways to move people and bags through YVR more efficiently,” said Craig Richmond, President and CEO, Vancouver Airport Authority. “Automated Passport Control is just one of the many examples of homegrown innovation developed here at YVR that improves the travelling experience. Because of the demonstrated success of Automated Border Clearance and now Automated Passport Control, other airports are approaching us to help them implement these YVR-designed programs.”

Automated Passport Control is an expedited customs entry process that allows eligible passengers travelling from Vancouver International Airport to the U.S. to clear Customs and Border Protection more efficiently, while still ensuring the same high standard of safety and security. Since the launch at YVR, Vancouver Airport Authority has provided the technology to Chicago Department of Aviation installing the system at Chicago O’Hare, the first U.S. airport to implement Automated Passport Control. Vancouver Airport Authority is now working with Montreal-Trudeau Airport and Delta Air Lines at John F. Kennedy’s Terminal 4 in New York to implement Automated Passport Control.

Based on data collected at YVR and O’Hare, Automated Passport Control has significantly increased passenger processing efficiency. Key improvements when using Automated Passport Control include:

  • 4 times more passengers processed per CBP Officer
  • 89 per cent faster than typical Customs and Border Protection primary inspection process
  • 33 per cent less time spent waiting in line for all travellers (Automated Passport Control and non-Automated Passport Control users)

Automated Passport Control helps travellers move more quickly through the CBP preclearance inspection process by allowing entry of passport information at a self-service kiosk. Users respond to a set of simple questions, take a photo and then are issued a receipt that they present to a CBP Officer for a final inspection before completing the process. No pre-registration is necessary and there is no fee involved in participation.

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