YVR Block Party: Celebrating a busy summer

On Thursday, August 31st, 2023, we held an end of summer Block Party to celebrate one of our busiest summers, with food samples and activities stationed throughout the airport.

Our Block Party featured some of the finest treats from more than 20 of our local vendors and commercial partners, who offer the best of B.C. to travellers, employees and guests every day.

This exciting event also featured limited-time installations such as a Money Machine, carnival games, and a unique prize wheel. Everyone who travelled through the airport, as well as our airport staff and community, had a chance to win different prizes, coupons, and samples as they explored more of B.C. right from our airport.

Thank you to World Duty Free, Hudson Group, Salmon n’ Bannock, UpMeals, and all our other vendors for participating.

The summer of 2023 is slated to be one of YVR’s busiest summers since before the COVID-19 pandemic, with August being the busiest month. Almost seven million passengers are expected to walk through YVR between July and September alone, noting a significant increase from the six million during the same period in 2022.

In addition to these numbers, we are also celebrating many other notable totals so far this summer.

  • 80,000: We continue to welcome approximately 80,000 travellers every day
  • 64,000: Our partners at Purebread have sold over 64,000 sweet and savoury pastries, which have been enjoyed by travellers, guests and our entire airport community alike.
  • 8,589: Our partners at 7/11, located in our Domestic Terminal on Level 1, have sold 8,589 Slurpees.
  • 25 and 874: YVR also welcomed 25 musicians who played a total of 874 hours to entertain passengers at different spots around the airport.

Earlier this summer, we also reintroduced the LASI program – Less Airport Stress Initiative. This program allowed YVR to bring back emotional support dogs to alleviate passenger stress during busy travel. The airport welcomed a total of six dogs who gave endless hugs, licks, and smiles, supporting the program five days a week, for roughly 174 hours in total over the summer.

With a few more weeks of summer left, we look forward to welcoming you for your next trip and sharing more fun facts along the way.

For the latest travel information, visit yvr.ca or follow the airport on Twitter: @YVRAirport or YVRAeroport.