YVR awarded Excellence in Industry Innovation at the 2022 Technology Impact Awards for its Digital Twin

Vancouver International Airport (YVR) is proud to announce it has been awarded the top accolade at the 2022 Technology Impact Awards (TIAs) by BC Tech Association in the category of Excellence in Industry Innovation for its Digital Twin platform.

The TIAs celebrate change makers and true leadership in the province’s tech sector. YVR’s Digital Twin platform was acknowledged for its ability to improve operational performance, competitiveness, productivity and employee engagement.

“B.C. is home to a great tech sector, and we wanted to make sure we built a Digital Twin that could propel businesses forward, contribute to the growth of our economy and make a true impact in our community,” said Tamara Vrooman, President & CEO at Vancouver Airport Authority. “I’m excited by the great insights we have learnt and the improvements we have made to YVR’s operation and passenger experience and by the tremendous response we have received from our community to leverage our Digital Twin platform to prosper and make a difference in the lives of British Columbians.”

The first major marker borne of YVR’s Innovation Hub, the Digital Twin platform will serve as a digital learning ground, a platform through which YVR will connect and collaborate with local business and connect the community and regional economy to data, ideas and new technology.

“We are especially proud to accept a TIA as it’s our local tech community acknowledging the work we’re doing with our Digital Twin as an asset to the region,” said Lynette DuJohn, VP of Innovation and CIO at Vancouver Airport Authority. “Leveraging our Digital Twin to make people and the community the center of our digital transformation is exactly what we set out to do and we’re thrilled to receive the recognition.”

A recent and timely use case, YVR is using its Digital Twin to support airport operations and enhance the passenger experience. By putting the Digital Twin into the hands of YVR’s frontline workers, YVR’s Guest Experience team has been using the Digital Twin’s situational awareness tool to plan and map out effective staffing levels and deployment as the operation dynamically changes throughout the day.

YVR is advancing use cases for the Digital Twin, including measuring GHGs from aircraft taking off, landing and taxiing, incorporating the Digital Twin into future infrastructure planning, and building a passenger experience platform wherein travellers can customize their journey through YVR before arriving at the terminal. In the coming months, YVR, its partners, and stakeholders will advance ideas and action solutions, supporting the community and delivering on benefits to the travel industry through the endless use cases developed through the Digital Twin.

To learn more: https://www.yvr.ca/en/media/news-releases/yvr-digital-twin-launch