Why does YVR remain open during a pandemic?

During these unprecedented times, airports play an important role as critical infrastructure, facilitating cargo, transiting passengers and emergency air support. Here’s why it’s important we remain open during a global pandemic:

We are facilitating the movement of critical cargo. Our supply chain operations team is focused on maintaining access to important goods such as medicine, food and medical supplies. You will now see a lot more inbound flights from areas like Asia that are cargo-only flights to help move time-sensitive shipments necessary for frontline workers and essential businesses. Below is a picture of a cargo-only flight where passenger seats are now being used to store shipments.

We are welcoming Canadians back home. Many of our airline partners are currently repatriating the tens of thousands of your fellow Canadians who are abroad and want to come back home to their friends and families.

We are helping foreign nationals return home. Countries around the world are advising their citizens to return home and we are ensuring they can get back safely to their loved ones.

As we continue to respond to this pandemic, we are working closely with the Canadian government and public health officials to ensure the safety and security of the entire airport community.
We understand this is a challenging time for everyone and we hope you all stay at home, maintain social distance and stay safe!
For the latest information about COVID-19 and what’s happening at YVR, visit yvr.ca/covid19.