Raise your Yeti Mugs to New Hiker’s Outpost and Their Daily Happy Hour!

Strap on your boots and follow the tiled trail to backcountry YVR, aka our newest food and beverage experience, Hiker’s Outpost!

Located behind the escalators on Level 2 pre-security beside the domestic baggage pickup, this new watering hole is the perfect place to set up camp and camel up (in hiker’s lingo that means to sit back, relax and enjoy a cold one).

Featuring specialty breakfast and lunch offerings including tasty sandwiches and pastries, Hiker’s Outpost offers the ultimate menu for travellers looking to fill their rucksacks before a flight or refuel while waiting for their luggage.

With Vancouver’s favorite JJ Bean roasting throughout the day, you can follow your nose to this sheltered sanctuary for a delicious cup of joe that will rival any cowboy coffee. We’ve heard it taste best when you bring your own Yeti!

After a long day of blazing trails through the terminal, you can visit Hiker’s Outpost for their daily happy hour between 3PM – 5PM. Whether you’re picking up an arriving friend, waiting for your baggage, or just need a place to fill your camelback, Hiker’s Outpost is the place to go! Check it out at YVR and we promise you’ll leave a happy camper!

To learn more about the exciting new food and beverage options coming to YVR, check out TasteYVR!