Pup, Pup and Away!

Golden retriever and handler walking down corridor post-security

On Tuesday, October 29, we hosted the first puppy familiarization tour at YVR with Pacific Assistance Dogs Society and BC & Alberta Guide Dogs. This initiative is part of our focus on accessibility and commitment to removing barriers to make travel easier for everybody, including the animals that help some people travel. We strive to provide all of our passengers with a seamless airport experience—because we believe that everyone who wants to fly should be able to fly.

The purpose of the tour is to provide an opportunity for in-training service and guide puppies to become familiar with airport processes. This tour provided puppies and their handlers with the opportunity to experience the security screening process with CATSA, boarding process with Air Canada, and the unique sounds, sights, and smells of an airport environment. Going through an airport and travelling on an airplane is one of the first things that most service and guide dogs do when placed and going home with a new client, so experiencing the airport and aircraft environment is very beneficial to their training.

YVR’s community investment program allows us to work with community partners like Pacific Assistance Dogs Society and BC & Alberta Guide Dogs to create shared value in the community. Our partners provide us with valuable insight on how we can continue to evolve and improve accessibility at YVR. Watch the video recap from the tour below.

Check out our website for more information on accessibility.