Give Hope Wings

Volunteer pilots, patient and mother and YVR CEO in front of Give Hope Wings expedition aircraft

Yesterday, Vancouver International Airport was proud to host Hope Air in the launch of this year’s Give Hope Wings coast-to-coast expedition to celebrate the great work that Hope Air and their volunteers do every year, and to raise funds to continue their incredible work.

Hope Air provides travel and accommodation support for Canadians in need of medical care far from home. Since 2011, YVR has been an integral part of Hope Air’s journey which has facilitated more than 160,000 travel arrangements for Canadians—nearly 70,000 from British Columbia, many of which come through YVR with our airline partners.

The event started with a traditional Musqueam cedar brushing of the aircraft to send the Give Hope Wings Expedition on a safe journey. Together with Hope Air, we hosted patients, partners, and the community at this event to acknowledge and celebrate the important and impactful work that Hope Air, volunteer pilots, our airline partners, transportation, and hotel partners are doing to support Canadians that need to travel for healthcare at their most challenging and vulnerable times.

This year’s expedition: The 2022 expedition will take off from Victoria (June 5) to Newfoundland and back to Saint-Jean-sur Richelieu, Quebec (outside Montreal) for the 2022 COPA National Fly-In and Aviation Exhibition. The expedition will have 30 pilots, hundreds of other participants and donors who support them which will fund 2800 flights for Canadians in financial need. For more information about Hope Air and donate, visit hopeair.ca.