An Uber Cool New Way to Catch a Lyft at YVR

Ride Hailing

Ride sharing (or Ride App Services as they're known at YVR), have finally landed at YVR! There are three designated pick-up areas at YVR including International Arrivals (level 2), Domestic Arrivals (level 2) and South Terminal. And like regular taxi drop off, there is no designated area for ride hailing drop off at YVR but drivers are welcome to find space within the permitted unloading areas on the curb on level 3.

YVR’s top priority is the safety of its passengers so ridesharing services are highly regulated. The operation of each service is managed independently by the ridesharing company that you book with. Ride hailing companies are responsible for ride and vehicle types, pre-booking policies and fare estimates, which may vary depending on time of day and location. When requesting a ride from the terminal, it is best to do so after you’ve collected your luggage and are ready to leave the airport.

The introduction of ride hailing gives passengers another option for accessing YVR and will increase the overall customer experience coming to and leaving YVR!


1. How do I request a ride?

To request a ride, please download the app of the desired operator on the App store or Google play. Lyft and Uber are both authorized providers of Ride App services at YVR. Directions are then available in the app.

2. Where are the airport pick up areas?

There are three pick up areas at YVR:

  • International Arrivals, Level 2
  • Domestic Arrivals, Level 2
  • South Terminal

Please follow the Ride App symbol and directional signage in the airport.

3. Can I pre-book my ride?

Please reach out to Lyft and/or Uber to understand their pre-booking policy.

4. When should I request a ride?

Ride App drivers have a dedicated waiting area at YVR, which is a short distance from the terminal. Please wait to collect your luggage before requesting a ride.

5. What ride types/vehicle types are available at YVR?

You’ll see all available ride types/vehicle types in the app when selecting a ride.

6. What is the pricing structure?

The price varies by service provider, time of day and location. Price estimates are provided in the app when you input your destination.

7. On my return to the airport, where are the drop off areas?

Similar to public and taxi drop off, there is no designated drop off area for Ride App services at YVR. Drivers must find space within the permitted unloading areas on the curb on level 3.

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