Accessibility at YVR - A Journey of Constant Improvement

BorderXpress Accessible Kiosks

This week is an important time for accessibility at YVR. Not only is today the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, December 5 also marks YVR’s one-year anniversary of being the first airport to receive the Rick Hansen Foundation’s Accessibility Certification Gold rating.

We are proud of our ongoing work to improve the airport for everyone. We work closely with a broad range of organizations, including the Rick Hansen Foundation, to make sure our passengers have a great airport experience. Accessibility features are considered at every stage of design at the airport and are incorporated in such a way that you may not always notice them!

For instance, here are 5 undercover accessibility features at YVR:

1. “S” shaped Bathroom entrances

You may have noticed that the washrooms at the airport don’t have push/pull doors, but rather “S” shaped entrances for accessibility purposes. These entrances allow for privacy while removing a barrier of entry for wheelchair users.

Bathroom entrance

2. Wheelchair height counters and kiosks

YVR’s kiosks and information counters are all accessible at wheelchair height because everyone at YVR should be able to access the information they need.

Accessible height information counter

3. Textured flooring

We have a range of different terminal flooring that acts as wayfinding for passengers. This includes high-contrast tile to assist with directional orientation and low-resistance carpet for easier movement of wheeled devices and reduced noise.

Textured floors

4. Language lines

Our popular Language Line offers phone interpretation in over 240 languages. And recently, we launched real-time video interpretation, available 24/7 in 36 languages including American Sign Language.

Language Line

5. Adaptive Speakers

If you look up, you’ll notice that we have speakers every six meters. These adaptive speakers self-adjust their volume depending on how busy the terminal is.

Adaptive Speakers

To learn more about accessibility at YVR, visit our accessibility page.