5 Things You Must Try from Japadog at YVR

It’s true when they say you haven’t really been to Vancouver until you’ve had a Japadog. This classic western hot dog with a twist of the most phenomenal Japanese flavours is one of the most iconic in Vancouver. We want to offer more local and authentic offerings at YVR and there’s no better way to do this than to welcome Japadog back – this time with a permanent home in our domestic food court!

Japadog’s street food stand started in Vancouver in 2005 and has been a fan favourite to many locals and tourists ever since. Here are some of the most popular items you can’t miss during your next visit:

Kurobuta Terimayo Japadog
If there’s one Japadog to try, it’s this one. This signature Japadog is generously topped with teriyaki sauce, mayo and seaweed – making sure your every bite is full of flavour.

Japadog employee preparing hot dog

Okonomi Japadog
If you like the tanginess and sweetness of Worcestershire sauce, you’ll fall in love with the Okonomi Japadog. The okonomi sauce is paired perfectly with the juicy kurobuta sausage, making for the most delicious, yet simple Japadog.

4 hot dogs on a blue backdrop, one being picked up by hand model

Yakisoba Japadog
We’re not sure where else you’d be able to experience noodles on a hot dog, so this is a must-try! The umami flavour in the yakisoba noodles complements the arabiki sausage and may leave you hunting for the stir-fry dish this Japadog was inspired by.

Yakisoba japadog with other hot dogs in the background, on blue backdrop

This savoury Japanese snack is the ultimate street food offering. The small round dumplings are made with diced octopus and fluffy dough, smothered with iconic sauces like teriyaki sauce and mayo. The wasabi mayo option here at Japadog has the perfect amount of kick to it – not overpowering and with just the right amount of heat.

Takoyaki balls on blue backdrop

Shaked Fries
You can never go wrong with fries, but the shaked fries from Japadog are on a whole other level. We highly recommend the shichimi and garlic flavour – a true chef’s kiss moment.

4 hot dogs and fries on blue backdrop

We are committed to transforming our food and beverage offerings to be a more local reflection of our region, and Japadog is the perfect addition. We are so excited to welcome them back with a permanent home, giving those travelling through YVR this added option pre-security.