2020 Holiday Travel Tips

We’re all spending the holidays a little more locally this year, but we know there are still some of you who need to travel for essential reasons. For those who need to travel, the airport process is going to look different this year, including mandatory temperature screening of all outbound passengers at security screening checkpoints and the required use of masks throughout the travel journey.

So, for those of you who are travelling this winter, we’ve put together some of our top travel tips to help you get to your next destination safely.

  • To avoid excess time in the terminal, check the status of your flight on your airline’s website or the flight information on yvr.ca before coming to the airport. Winter weather in the province or other parts of the country could impact flights.
  • Online check-in is available for most airlines. Print your boarding passes at home or have it emailed to your handheld mobile device. This also helps reduce unnecessary contact at the airport.
  • If you are driving to YVR, have a parking plan by pre-booking parking up to three hours in advance at yvr.ca/parking.
  • If you are being dropped off at the airport, we ask that you say goodbye outside. And please make sure you put your mask on before coming into the terminal. Masks are required both in the terminal and on your flight.

  • Flying domestically with WestJet? Consider taking part in the WestJet-YVR COVID-19 Testing Study. Learn more here.

  • And finally, travellers throughout the airport process will notice YVR TAKEcare. YVR TAKEcare is our health and safety program designed to help people move through our airport safely and with confidence. It places industry-leading health, safety and cleaning practices and protocols at the forefront of airport processes. To learn more about YVR TAKEcare and the measures in place, click here.

It’s also important to note that we all have a role to play during the pandemic and we are asking that travellers respect our requirements, including physical distancing where possible. We understand that physical distancing may not always be possible in an airport context which is why a program like YVR TAKEcare is so important. It takes a multi-layered approach to health and safety and includes a variety of different preventative measures to ensure the health and well-being of travellers and employees.

If you’re in the terminal and need assistance, find our customer care team behind one of the information counters or call us any time at 604-207-7077. Happy holidays from all of us at YVR!