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YVR welcomes government funding for low-carbon hot water system

$3.57 million in funding will support the decarbonization of three hot water loops in YVR’s main terminal building

Vancouver International Airport (YVR) welcomes today’s announcement from the Governments of Canada and British Columbia, which confirms funding through the CleanBC Communities Fund, a component of the federal Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program (ICIP).

As part of its Roadmap to Net Zero, YVR is replacing three, large tap water heating systems in the main terminal building to reduce carbon emissions and retrofit the terminal to be more energy efficient. On top of YVR’s investment of $1.8 million, the federal and provincial governments will provide a combined $3.57 million, enabling the replacement of the natural gas hot water heaters with air source heat pumps. This project will reduce the airport’s carbon emissions by eight per cent annually (855 tonnes of CO2) once complete.

As B.C.’s largest building and one of the first organizations in B.C. to implement this specialized air source heat pump technology, YVR will maintain carbon neutral status while continuing to reduce emissions, build strong partnerships, and take measurable steps to reach its target of net zero by 2030 and accelerate ambitions to become the world’s greenest airport.

YVR is working with BC Hydro to deliver this project alongside a number of additional electrification initiatives. The airport appreciates BC Hydro for its vital partnership and continuous support of the airport’s strategic energy management program for over two decades. This support has included funding for the energy efficiency and feasibility studies that led to the selection of this decarbonization technology.

The replacement of YVR’s water heating systems follows the upgrade of more than 20,000 lights throughout the terminal and the optimization of HVAC systems, saving an estimated 241 tonnes of CO2 per year, demonstrating continued efforts to advance electrification of the airport and shape a greener, resilient net zero future. 

To reach our target of net zero by 2030, we must prioritize innovation and collaboration to reduce carbon emissions and strengthen the green economy for generations to come. We are grateful to both the Governments of Canada and British Columbia for their partnership as we strive to become an organization that sets the bar for sustainability, and a hub of innovation which supports the local economy and environment.

Christoph Rufenacht, Vice President, Airport Development and Asset Optimization, Vancouver International Airport

Green retrofits modernize facilities and take climate action one building at a time. Today’s investment to upgrade Vancouver International Airport, which services thousands of travelling Canadians daily, reduces greenhouse gas emissions and supports our goal of promoting healthy and sustainable communities into the future.

Wilson Miao, Member of Parliament for Richmond Centre, on behalf of the Honourable Sean Fraser, Minister of Housing, Infrastructure and Communities

This project advances our commitment to reducing carbon pollution and creating more job opportunities for people in a cleaner economy. The Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program collaborates with the federal and local governments to build climate resilient public infrastructure for a safer and better future for everybody.

The Honourable George Heyman, Minister of Environment and Climate Change Strategy, Government of British Columbia

We are proud to partner with leading electrification organizations like YVR. This impressive project is a great example of taking direct action to reduce emissions and finding innovative solutions through the use of B.C.’s clean electricity. British Columbian businesses continue to be in the forefront of creative solutions and we couldn’t be more proud to support them.

Diana Stephenson, Senior Vice President, Customer and Corporate Affairs, BC Hydro


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