YVR partners with #NotInMyCity to Combat Human Trafficking

As part of its unwavering commitment to providing a safe environment for all travellers, this week, Vancouver International Airport (YVR) has launched an important partnership with the #NotInMyCity (NIMC) initiative. This collaboration will help the airport do its part in combatting human trafficking through heightened awareness, education, and strategic partnerships. 

Human trafficking, identified as one of the fastest-growing crimes in Canada, particularly affects those under 25 years of age, with transportation corridors frequently exploited by traffickers. YVR recognizes the crucial role airports play as frontline defenders against this violation of fundamental human rights. 

#NotInMyCity, a prominent advocate in the fight against human trafficking, operates with a mission to prevent and end human trafficking and sexual exploitation. The initiative builds alliances to support the development of a strategic, integrated plan to bring about sustainable change at various levels. 

YVR is set to be a key player in this initiative by spearheading awareness campaigns, providing education and training to staff, and actively showing solidarity against child sexual exploitation and trafficking within its terminals. With millions of travellers passing through the airport each year, YVR is committed to creating a safe environment for all. 

To equip staff and the greater airport community, YVR will launch a mandatory training program designed to identify and respond to signs of human trafficking. The initiative aligns with the commitment of seven other major airports, including Calgary, Toronto Pearson, and Edmonton International, in the collective effort to combat human trafficking. 

YVR emphasizes its partnership with local law enforcement, particularly the Richmond RCMP, to actively combat human trafficking. The airport will display physical posters and decals throughout the terminal, urging individuals who are victims or witnesses of human trafficking to seek help through the provided helpline: 604-278-1212.

For the general public, #NotInMyCity offers a free interactive e-learning course to raise awareness about human trafficking and sexual exploitation in Canada. Developed in collaboration with thought leaders, the course awards participants with a certificate upon completion. 

In acknowledging the hidden nature of human trafficking, YVR is dedicated to creating an environment where victims feel safe coming forward despite manipulation, fear, or mistrust of authority. The airport aims to empower the community to recognize signs of human trafficking and proactively support victims.