YVR launches Apron Management Services Program to streamline the aircraft journey

At YVR, we are focused on optimizing our operational efficiency for the benefit of our passengers, partners, and planet. One of the many ways we are doing this is by introducing an Apron Management Services Program—a new approach which will see YVR handle the movement of aircraft on our aprons.

Our apron controllers will follow active management practices and use the latest in digital surveillance technology to direct aircraft. This includes an advanced digital control system with both panoramic and zoom cameras and a 4K video wall to provide clear views to every corner of every apron, making YVR one of the first airports in the world to adopt this technology as part of its operations.

NAV CANADA currently provides apron management services at YVR. Under our new program, traffic control for aircraft entering or leaving YVR’s apron areas, will be handed over from NAV CANADA’s tower controllers to airport apron controllers, or vice versa.

Our management practices and best-in-class digital technology will improve coordination with ground operators as well as NAV CANADA and make better use of our terminal and airside infrastructure. By using the same system, tower and apron controllers will have access to the same information, which will help increase operational efficiency on the airfield and reduce carbon emissions from aircraft for the benefit of our airport community and passengers as well as our community and the economy that supports it.  This program will also enhance the passenger experience by improving situational awareness and decision-making, thereby reducing idle times on the apron.

YVR has seven aprons. Aprons are the space around the terminal where aircraft load and unload passengers and cargo, fuel up, and park overnight as well as where crews perform important aircraft maintenance. YVR’s aprons have more than 140 stands for these various activities, which supported the majority of the 262,000 aircraft movements at YVR in 2022. Apron Management systems are currently in use at other major airports in Canada, such as Toronto-Pearson, and Montréal-Trudeau International Airport.

Safety and security are our top priority. NAV CANADA will continue to deliver safe and efficient apron advisory services until we operationalize our Apron Management Services Program. Stay tuned for more information as we implement this innovative and important program.