Paper Planes Cafe at YVR brewing inclusivity, empowerment, and support for a more accessible world

This is a special week for us at YVR! Together with our friends from the Pacific Autism Family Network (PAFN), we proudly unveiled a first-of-its kind inclusive and accessible food and beverage offering at YVR.

Paper Planes Café takes flight at Vancouver International Airport, marking a significant milestone in our commitment to accessibility and community engagement.

This café is not just another coffee bar; it is a testament to our dedication to creating a more inclusive and accessible travel environment. Situated in the Domestic Arrivals area on Level 2, this café represents a significant step forward in our mission to serve our people and the community. Its doors will be open for travellers from 8 a.m. - 8 p.m. seven days a week.

The uniqueness of this coffee bar lies in its team, which is made up of individuals with a diverse range of abilities from the neurodiverse community. These individuals will be at the helm, brewing coffee, and serving quick snacks to the millions of passengers and guests who traverse YVR's terminal, as well as the thousands of employees who call the airport home.

The primary goal of Paper Planes Café is to empower its staff by providing them with the skills and experience they need to succeed in the workforce. Through this café, YVR and PAFN will offer up to six-months of training covering essential skills and expertise typical of the restaurant and service industry. This includes barista talents, food preparation, and customer service, all of which will prepare employees for a successful career in the hospitality field. Following the training, staff will also be supported in their job search in the community.

The innovative, impactful, and important partnership between YVR and PAFN began in 2021 with a shared vision to make travel accessible and enjoyable for everyone. As part of YVR's three-year accessibility plan, we are actively working towards creating a welcoming, inclusive, and accessible travel experience for people of all abilities.

Paper Planes Café at YVR is not just a coffee shop; it is a beacon of hope, inclusivity, and empowerment. It is a testament to what can be achieved when a community comes together to make travel accessible for all, regardless of ability. So, the next time you find yourself at YVR, be sure to stop by the Paper Planes Café for a coffee and a taste of what true inclusivity feels like – because every journey, whether by air or in life, should be one that all can embark upon.