YVR Stars 2021

From departures to arrivals, thousands of passengers travel through YVR each day. Everyday is different for our employees, airline partners and volunteers and we pride ourselves in providing exceptional customer service and creating a safe and efficient experience for our passengers. We are thankful for all the employees on Sea Island for upholding YVR’s reputation as a world-class airport.

Today, we are proud to showcase seven YVR Stars who have made a positive impact in our community through exceptional customer service in 2021.

1. Ted Ball & Glenn Meadows – Coast Industrial

Photo of Ted and Glenn airside posing with the YVR Stars sign.

On a unique Friday morning, there was a report that a seagull was stuck on top of one of the apron lighting towers. However, due to the height of the tower, the wildlife officers were unable to reach it. At that moment, Ted Ball and Glenn Meadows, gathered the team at ABCoast and Coast Industry to create a rescue plan by renting a 120-foot crane. At the end of the day, the seagull was safely rescued by Ted and Glenn and was promptly transported to the wildlife team for rehabilitation. Ted and Glenn, thank you for rescuing this seagull and displaying exemplary teamwork and leadership.

2. Herschel Agoncillo – WestJet

Herschel holding a YVR Stars sign at the YVR Airport Canada Line station.

It was a rainy night and Herschel just finished her shift at YVR. As she boarded the Canada Line at YVR, she noticed a person was unconscious inside the train. Herschel was concerned about the person’s wellbeing and she contacted TransLink for assistance. Herschel demonstrated professionalism by handling the situation calmly and reporting the incident to the appropriate authority. As a result, TransLink was able to promptly intervene at Bridgeport Station, a station that is seven minutes away from YVR. Herschel, thank you for looking out for the safety of others and for your quick thinking.

3. Ross Lanyon – Diversified

Photo of Ross standing by the South Terminal shuttle bus.

One day, a family arrived at YVR from Toronto, with a transfer flight to Victoria to deal with a family emergency. As they boarded the South Terminal shuttle, they were greeted warmly by Ross, the shuttle bus driver. Ross was very friendly and helpful as he assisted this family with their bags and provided essential travel information to this family to help make their trip smoother. During the bus ride, Ross also told the passengers about the history of the airport and at the end of the trip, he also wished everyone safe travels as they left the bus. Ross, thank you for bringing a smile to the faces of this family and allowing them to forget about their troubles for a few moments.

4. Susan Alarca – G4S

On July 26, a family came through the South Terminal, and the mother used sign language to indicate that she and her son are hearing-impaired. Without missing a beat, Susan signed back and facilitated the security process to the pair. At the end, the family made it to their gate without any awkward pauses, exaggerated pointing, and raised voices, which can often happen when people communicate to those who are hearing-impaired. Susan, thank you for displaying exemplary customer service and going the extra mile to make this family’s travel experience smooth and memorable.

5. Melonie Paris – ABCoast

Alt Text: Photo of Melonie standing in front of the South Terminal.

As the flight from Bella Coola landed in Vancouver, Melonie received a message from the pilots of the flight that a passenger onboard was experiencing tremendous pain in her lower abdomen. As the passenger de-planed the aircraft, she requested to go to the washroom and Melonie accompanied her in the washroom to ensure she did not lose her consciousness. As the passenger was still experiencing pain, Melonie suggested to call the paramedics to assist. While waiting for the paramedics, Melonie made sure a privacy barrier was built around the passenger and she spoke calmly to the operator relaying critical information. As the paramedics arrived and transported the passenger to the hospital, it was then realized that the passenger was experiencing a ruptured ectopic pregnancy, a condition that requires emergency care. Melonie, thank you for saving this passenger’s life by being by her side the entire time and calling the paramedics. This passenger wouldn’t be here today without your help.

6. Jose Malonda – Dexterra

On a Saturday afternoon, Jose was working at the information booth when a couple arrived at YVR with 12 checked bags as they were moving to another city. The pair needed porter services and upon checking with Jose, it was confirmed that the services were suspended at the time. However, Jose went above and beyond by rolling up his sleeves and readily volunteered to help the couple move with their bags. Jose, thank you for making this couple’s travel experience a positive one!

7. Constable Thornton – RCMP

A passenger was flying to Germany from YVR to re-unite with his wife when he got lost in our terminal. It was at this moment where Constable Thornton showed up to guide the passenger to his gate so he could make it to his flight on time. Constable Thornton made sure the passenger was comfortable and made the passenger feel safe, Constable Thornton also reassured his wife in Germany that her husband is on his way home. Constable Thornton, thank you for showing your dedication to your job and your kindness to our passengers.

These incredible people are our seven YVR Stars this year. If you ever see or interact with any YVR employees or volunteers going the extra mile, please nominate them for a YVR Star and share your experience. We want to hear from you and recognize exceptional customer care. Learn more about the program at yvr.ca/yvrstars or tell us your story on social media tagging @yvrairport and using the hashtag #YVRStars or send us an email at yvrstars@yvr.ca.

Did someone at YVR go above and beyond for you? Nominate a YVR Star and tell us your story.