YVR is recertified Salmon-Safe!

At YVR, it’s our goal to become the world's greenest airport. As we work towards this ambitious target, we’ll be looking at how we can reduce our overall environmental impact to create a greener, more resilient future for our community.

Today marks an exciting moment on our journey to a greener tomorrow as we become the first organization in Canada to be recertified Salmon-Safe! As the first airport in North America to achieve Salmon-Safe certification, today’s recertification acknowledges YVR’s continued efforts and commitment to ensure its land and water management practices protect Fraser River water quality and enhance the habitat so Pacific salmon can thrive.

Salmon-Safe is a site-specific certification program recognizing progressive, environmentally friendly land and water management practices. When first certified in 2016, YVR was given 10 conditions to meet Salmon-Safe standards which included changes in some of YVR’s practices to protect water quality and aquatic life from harmful pesticides; implement a comprehensive stormwater management plan; reduce site-wide water consumption and ensure zero sediment runoff during future construction activities.

Today’s recertification also marks the first time Indigenous ways of knowing have been included in the assessment, by including an Indigenous Assessor as part of the team. Serving as a future model, Indigenous Assessors provide historic knowledge and insights around environmental stewardship that bring a reconciliation lens to the process that both enhances and deepens the learning opportunity. For YVR, this is another opportunity to work with Musqueam to achieve a sustainable and mutually beneficial future for the region by way of its Sustainability and Friendship Agreement with Musqueam. Being recertified not only means YVR is meeting its Salmon-Safe conditions but enjoying the privilege of being able to learn from the knowledge and experiences of Indigenous people of British Columbia and develop a deeper understanding of the cultural significance of Salmon.

As YVR looks to its second recertification period, there are eight new conditions for the next five-years which commit YVR to continued improvement of environmentally friendly land and water management practices. We look forward to providing another update as we continue to strive for and encourage others to adopt better land and water management practices.

Visit YVR.ca/Environment for more information on YVR’s climate and environmental approach and priorities.