South Airfield Rehabilitation Project

Page last updated: December 20, 2023

Over the past few months, travellers and nearby communities may have noticed temporary changes to runway use at YVR. This was the result of our South Airfield Rehabilitation Project, which included some significant upgrades, resurfacing work, and sustainability enhancements to our South Runway and connecting taxiways.

YVR appreciates everyone’s patience while the work was completed safely and quickly as possible.

Latest Update:

Work on the South Airfield Rehabilitation Project affecting runway use was completed on December 8. We have since returned to regular use of our parallel runways.

The direction of landings and take offs on both our runways will, as always, depend on the wind direction at the airfield. For safety reasons, aircraft land and take-off into the wind; however, during calm wind conditions, we defer to having take-offs to the west and over the water to reduce noise impacts on the community.

Information about our South Runway maintenance schedule is here: South Runway Maintenance Schedule | YVR.

Project Overview:

As part of YVR’s ongoing commitment to safety and to keeping passengers, planes, and cargo moving efficiently, the airport undertook a series of rehabilitation projects on the South Airfield, which began in April 2023.

The large scale of these projects  required regular South Runway and taxiway closures, resulting in expanded use of the North Runway for both landings and take-offs and use of the North Runway at night.

Work included concrete panel replacements, a full-length overlay of Taxiway Lima (the main taxiway connecting the main apron where aircraft are parked for loading/unloading and the west end of the South Runway), rehabilitation and upgrades at several taxiway and runway intersections, electrical work to improve safety and energy efficiency, and modernization of YVR’s taxiway system.

Since work began in April, the following milestones have been accomplished:

  • Taxiway Lima 2 returned to service on December 8 with improved pavement. Further updates will be made in the Spring.
  • Taxiway Delta 3 returned to service on December 8 with improved pavement and paved shoulders for enhanced aircraft safety.
  • Lima Holding Bay, which is a key location for aircraft maintenance, returned to service in October during select periods of the day. This change furthers our efforts to reduce noise exposure to the community by performing aircraft engine run-ups farther away from populated areas whenever possible. 

If you have any questions or concerns about aircraft noise in your community, please write noise@yvr.ca or call (604) 207-7097.