ITS’ BorderXpress Kiosks with UV Cleaning Technology Head to Edmonton

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, YVR introduced YVR TAKEcare, an operational program and health and safety campaign designed to ensure that those who need to travel move through the airport safely and with confidence. As part of the program, YVR focused on streamlining airport processes to ensure a seamless, touchless and physically distanced travel experience by investing in new technologies and reconfiguring airport infrastructure. In addition, the team has been looking at how these innovations can be applied elsewhere in the airport context as well as around the world.

One example is the work being done by YVR’s Innovative Travel Solutions (ITS) and the much talked about ultraviolet (UV) cleaning light feature for BorderXpress kiosks. BorderXpress is a kiosk-based border control solution designed to work in partnership with border agencies, airports and seaports around the world to safely and securely manage borders, while reducing border wait times and transforming the travel experience. The team has now made a special delivery—12 BorderXpress Automated Passport Control (APC) enabled kiosks to Edmonton International Airport featuring the new UV cleaning technology. This represents the first installation of BorderXpress kiosks outside YVR to include this important new technology.

“We’re pleased to have made our first sale of BorderXpress Automated Passport Control kiosks featuring UV cleaning technology to Edmonton International Airport,” said Jason Williams, Manager of Business Development at Innovative Travel Solutions. “Since the start of the pandemic, YVR has been committed to placing health and safety practices and protocols at the forefront of airport processes—not only by taking care of our community but by looking at ways we can develop long-term future solutions through our work at ITS both here at YVR and beyond.”

The UV cleaning light technology bathes everything below the light, which includes the document and fingerprint scanners. After a three-minute cleaning cycle, 99.9% of bacteria and viruses on surfaces will be eliminated. The kiosk also includes a built-in motion detector that will shut off the light when users are in close proximity. The UV cleaning technology is available as an option on all new BorderXpress kiosks and can easily be installed to existing kiosks as an add-on feature.

"The entire aviation sector has been crippled by COVID-19. Canadian airports are in this together and it's important we share best practices and technology where it makes sense. Edmonton International Airport has a strong focus on innovation and incorporating new touchless technology into our response to COVID-19 under the EIA Ready program,” said Ramki Doraiswami, Director, Solution Delivery, Edmonton International Airport. “These kiosks are one way we're making the health and safety of our passengers and employees our top priority. We are proud to partner with YVR to bring this technology to our airport.”

ITS is the industry’s largest and most experienced provider of kiosk-based border control solutions, having helped nearly 300 million passengers safely and securely clear the border at 45 airports and seaports around the world. For more information about ITS, please visit innovativetravelsolutions.ca. More information about YVR TAKEcare can be found at yvr.ca/TAKEcare.